Ciao Cafe’s seriously delicious fruit drink.

Ciao Cafe fruit drink
Deliciously refreshing fruit drink.

Not being a food connoisseur or wordsmith I am sure I will make a mess of describing possibly the most delicious fruit salad / fruit drink known to woman or man, but I will give it my best shot. 

I arrived at Saigon’s “Ciao Cafe” on Nguyen Hue St sweating in the mid day heat and saw a photo in the menu that I had seen many times before. 

I had always thought this cool drink looked a bit too fancy for my utilitarian needs so I had never bothered ordering one, but on this occasion for a whole other tangential reason, this time I did. 

It is basically a mix of fruit juice with a prominent peach flavour and is packed with a dozen different fruits, some natural, some marinated in spice to give a very unique Saigon taste. It’s not lunch but is quite filling and seriously delicious. They even give you a small jug of strawberry concentrate to sweeten to taste. 

I had only ever seen this drink at Ciao Cafe and at 105,000Vnd is a bit on the expensive side but in my opinion well worth the indulgence.

This little delight now goes on my personal list of things to do in Saigon. You should try one too. I can guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised. 

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